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Identifying your grid system

The first step to finding your ceiling grid system online, is to firstly identify what brand of grid system you have. Many people aren’t familiar with the amount of different manufacturers and brands that exist in the ceilings market.

The most commonly found brands are Knauf AMF, Armstrong Zentia, Rockfon CMC & AMF Donn. These grid brands are found in most suspended ceiling systems due to their high quality, competitive pricing and warranty’s.

To identify your grid & noggin components, either use our Ceiling Grid Matcher, which well show you the types of connections on the grid. Or do the following:

  1. Check the end connection component of the grid
  2. Check the connection holes for shape
  3. Check for brand stamps down the length of the grid parts
  4. Check for any logos
  5. Check the width of the grid, is it 24mm or 15mm?
  6. Send us a picture of the grid end and connection hole

The different sizes & parts

Suspended ceiling grids are made in two widths, 24mm standard grid and 15mm narrow grid, also known as Microlook. These two options are offered depending on the finish you are looking for. The 24mm grid is the standard system you will find in most ceilings, that is compatible with normal board edge ceiling tiles and tegular ceiling tiles. The 15mm narrow grid is compatible with the above board edge tiles, and Microlook ceiling tiles. This is due to the edge detail needing to be much thinner.

Armstrong Prelude Cross Tee Hook

The components that make up your grid system to 600mm x 600mm are below:

  1. Main Runner / Main Tee
  2. 1200mm Cross Tee
  3. 600mm Cross Tee
  4. Wall Angle / Edge Trim

You must use all of these components in order to build your grid system correctly. So, if it is replacement cross tee bars you require only, you need find out which length of tee bar it is. For a brand new grid system, we offer suspended ceiling grid kits that are pre made for simplicity.

I still can’t identify my grid!

If you are still struggling to find your grid components, call one of our specially trained team members today on 01253 864902, or email your pictures over to

Suspended Ceiling Grids & Tee Bars? We Have You Covered At!

Black ceiling tiles and grid are fast becoming more popular, Several different manufacturers including Ecophon, Armstrong, AMF, Rockfon and British Gypsum have introduced a specific black tile mainly designed for use in specific applications such as Nightclubs, Bars, Restaraunts and of course the most obvious one Cinemas.

1. Are Black Ceiling Tiles Expensive?

A common question we are asked regularly is how much does a Black ceiling cost? Here at we have both black tile and grid available at prices that can in some cases match the rate of white tile and grid if not better that price! The Rockfon Charcoal tile is the black tile we aim to push the most and it is available at a great rate with ourselves, A smooth,fleece backed tile that offers great sound absorbing properties.

2. How readily available are Black Ceiling Tiles?

In many instances Black ceiling tiles may take anything from 2 to 3 weeks lead time, Not here though! We have Black tile and grid both readily available and will aim to distribute within 3-5 working days if not sooner depending upon order.

  >  View our 600mm x 600mm Rockfon charcoal suspended ceiling kit here, We offer kits ranging from 25m2 to 200m2.

3. To showcase your personality

It may not be the only option anymore, but a white ceiling tile is the expected choice. So when your corporate style is unconventional, quirky, bold or dramatic, a charcoal tile ensures the ceiling stays on brand.

4. Where to install a Black Ceiling

This is all down to personal preference, But as mentioned above the more popular places to install a black ceiling are the ones that require a specific mood, specific colour, a nightclub, Cinema or bar are all applications where a black ceiling fits perfectly, Some shops may also adopt the black ceiling method.

Our lowest price ever on Black tile and grid

Recently we have agreed a deal with a manufacturer on both the Rockfon charcoal tile and a black grid which will make purchasing this black ceiling cost effective for yourself,In some cases we offer a Black ceiling kit at a cheaper rate than we offer some white tile and grid.

  >  Order your 25m2 600mm x 600mm Rockfon charcoal ceiling kit here or look through our other kits

Do you have a suspended ceiling and need to find out what tiles and grid you have?

Adding to your suspended ceiling or replacing components isn’t always as straight forward as you would think. This is because not all ceiling grid cross tees are compatible with one another, which means you must find the correct type of tee that will match with your ceiling system.

Finding Your Grid System

There are many different manufacturers of suspended ceiling grid components which means there are many types to choose from. Over the years there have been a lot of discontinued products which can leave you in sticky situation if you require this product for your ceiling. The way we can get around this is finding the closest match to your existing grid, simply email a picture of your grid (including the connecting holes) to and one of our experts will match the grid for you.



Take a look at our grid matching tool also to try and identify your grid system:

Need help finding the right suspended ceiling grid for you? Get in touch here.