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AMF Ventatec Grid System

Is This Grid Compatible With Any System?

Unfortunately not. The AMF Ventatec grid is a stand alone system, it is only compatible with its own components and you must make sure that you only use the same type of Ventatec grid together as the range includes different variations such as joggled grid and butt grid which define the edge of the connecting parts. For more information on joggled and butt ceiling grids pleas contact us today or visit their dedicated information pages.

What Components Are Needed To Create The System?

To create a full suspended ceiling grid system you will need the following components;

  • AMF Ventatec 3.6m Main Tees
  • AMF Ventatec 1200mm Cross Tees
  • AMF Ventatec 600mm Cross Tees
  • AMF Ventatec 3m Wall Angle
  • Suspension Wire
  • Angle Fixing Brackets
  • Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Why Are Some Grids Wider Than Others?

There are two different grid widths available. The 24mm grid (the most commonly used) and the 15mm grid.

Is This System Fire Rated?

The AMF Ventatec grid system has been fire tested and certified under certain criteria that must be met;

  1. Using the Thermatex tile range
  2. Using 15mm thick tiles under steel and concrete.
  3. Using 19mm thick tiles under timber and mezzanines
  4. Ensuring that any lighting is installed with a fire hood above
  5. Installing the grid system as per the manufacturers guidelines