Rockfon Charcoal Black Suspended Ceiling Kit 100m2

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Product description

Product Number: CG-RCBLK100

All Suspended Ceiling Kits include tiles, grid, wire and brackets (no screws included)

The Rockfon Charcoal ceiling kit features a material like black finish on a black 24mm wide exposed grid system. The Charcoal can resist up to 100% humidity (RH) and is a fantastic Class A sound absorber.


Our Rockfon Charcoal range is readily available along with Black grid at rates that either match or beat those that many companies will offer on a white ceiling kit.


Technical Data:

Size: 595mm x 595mm

Box Quantity:16 Tiles
Edge Detail Board Edge / Square Edge
Box Coverage 5.75m²
Fire Rating A1 Fire Reaction Rating
Sound Absorption aw: 0.95 – 1.00 (Class A)
Humidity Resistance 100% RH

What You Receive:

  • Tiles x 9 Boxes Of 32
  • Main Tees x 25 Lengths
  • 1200 Cross Tees x 147 Lengths
  • 600mm Cross Tees x 147 Lengths
  • Edge Trim x 21 Lengths
  • 150m Wire Coil x 1
  • Angle Brackets  (Bag Of 100) x 2


  • Qty: 16 per box (please call us on 01253 864 902 for other quantities)
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • 5.76sqm per box
  • Edge detail: Square Edge


Grid details;

Black 24mm Unspecified Grid


For further technical information about The Rockfon Charcoal tile and Black Grid, please contact us.