AMF Econim Planet Suspended Ceiling Kit 150m2

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Product description

Product Number: CG-PLANETKIT150

All Suspended Ceiling Kits include tiles, grid, wire and brackets (no screws included)

AMF Econim Planet Suspendedc Ceiling Kit 150m2

The AMF Econim Planet is a cost effective ceiling tile which is perfect for tile replacements. Each box contains a massive 18 tiles which is more than most ceiling tile brands include in their boxes and is one of our best value for money tiles.

(If you require more edge trim please add the lengths using the below link after adding the kit to your cart)

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What your kit consists of:

  • Tiles x 24 Boxes Of 18
  • Main Tees x 38 Lengths
  • 1200 Cross Tees x 221 Lengths
  • 600mm Cross Tees x 221 Lengths
  • Edge Trim x 32 Lengths
  • 150m Wire Coil x 1
  • Angle Brackets  (Bag Of 100) x 2


Tile details:

  • Qty: 18 per box (please call us on 01253 864 902 for other quantities)
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Edge detail: Square Edge


Grid details;

White 24mm Non Specified Grid 


For Further Technical Information about the  AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos Ceiling Kit please contact us.